Corporate Financial Planning

» Gratuity Planning

Cash Accumulation scheme to enable employers to meet their gratuity liability in a very simple and efficient manner.
» Superannuation Planning

The employer contributes a certain fixed percentage of salary of each member. Such Contributions are accumulated and the accumulated amount is utilized to provide various benefits

» Employer-Employee Benefit Program

It is solution whereby an organization can reward their employees as part of their loyalty and retainership program.

Individual Financial Planning

Individual Financial Planning
Our goal at Strategic is to help our clients enjoy their lives to the fullest extent possible today, while preserving the security of their future. To do this we offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management services designed to fit your needs.

» Personal Financial Planning

We help people spend, save, invest, insure and plan . We offer personalized financial planning to people which helps them live their lifestyle by Design rather than by Default .
» Retirement Planning

It is a concept of having a choice to enjoy financial independence at the desired age with a desired lifestyle.
» Tax Free Products

Providing Solutions which help you save taxes not only at the end of your financial year end, but also in the long run.
» Health Insurance

In a booming economy like India, where cost of living is rising, so is the cost of good medical attention. Health Plans are misunderstood as part of Personal Financial Planning, truth is good Health Insurance planning helps gain better benefits.
» Education Planning
If you have a dream for your child we have a plan.
» Life Insurance and Risk Management
We offer need based solutions with proper diagnostic approach. We help you optimize your available resource to take care of your current and future objectives.
» Mutual fund all AMCs & Schemes
We offer solution of all AMC cater to your requirment.

What We Do

For 8 years, we’ve been empowering clients by helping them take control of their financial lives. Today, we’re proud to continuously deliver exceptional service across exchange traded derivatives , cash market and commodity products to help you pursue your goals with confidence. With our services in Investment Consultancy, Equity and Commodities trading, your search for investing avenues stops right here.